Weird Nature

Weird Nature is a nature documentary series that I became obsessed about way back in 2002. The video box set still has pride of place on my shelf. It’s so funny! I’m just remembering the scene with the mouse shagging, with the saxophone music and the close up of its little paw on the female’s hips, and then he falls off the branch dead (he’s been on the rampage for six weeks with no time to eat or sleep… or something like that). And the line “the ocean is a world of sexual confusion and gender bending” – it’s brilliant. You’ve got to watch it really.

This is me and Passman (well Passman mainly) performing our new song in tribute to this ground breaking series. Each episode always ended with something along the lines of “but we are weirder”… well… yeah… I don’t think I need to say anything else. Enjoy!

Weird Nature from The Filter on Vimeo.


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