G’day Mate!

Kingsland-The Fridge Cafe
– our poster on a wall of a cafe in New Zealand!

In 2012 we were mistaken as a comedy act and offered a month long run at the Edinburgh Fringe. We don’t get many chances to play to people outside of Cornwall, so we leapt at the chance. Besides, people would soon realise that we weren’t a comedy act, and just enjoy our unique take on rap music.

But this time we were mistaken.

People didn’t just laugh. They laughed A LOT. What was being mistaken for stand-up was simply me and Passman standing up. On a stage.

Maybe it was because we were at a comedy festival.

Anyway, we’re going to be at another one now. Pretty much as far away from the only place where our references are understood as we can go. But there are Cornish people in New Zealand right? My Nan says I have relatives there, but she doesn’t know where.

Get your last fix of hedluv + passman for a few months at The Grapes in Falmouth this Friday!


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  1. That is crazy, keep us up dated x I’m not on Facebook Great night at Treloan by the way, loved by all Sent from my iPad with love

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