hedluv and passman by steve ullathorne

After performing there last year we were well aware of how gruelling the Edinburgh Fringe is. With over 30 performances to do in the space of a month, it’s a real test of physical and mental stamina. So the plan was to get into good shape during the run up. We didn’t though. So we worked it into the show – “This year we will be doing less songs and more resting.”

Unfortunately there was no Rhys Darby this year, though he was on the iPod. He’d very kindly made us some audio clips that we were able to use like bike stabilisers, up to the point when we were ready to remove them and come out from behind the curtain to try some comedy ourselves (after about the first week). Alan Davies came to see us! Twice! Gave us some good tweets too… and Henning Wehn came to see us again – turns out he did like the show last year! He just doesn’t tweet. Gave us some good advice though…

So how do we reckon we did then? Well… the audience numbers were up on last year’s – but that ought not to have been too hard. The poster was better. The flyers were… still bad. Worse if anything. The show was… similar. And the reviews were mixed: 2 x 5 stars and 3 x 3 stars making it 19 out of a possible 25 stars. As a percentage that works out as 76%… At first I thought that was an A but it turns out that that’s a C now… so a pass then.


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